Specials on C is a community bodega for creative expression. We partner with educators, creators, and artists to build unique experiences fostering the creative capital of New York City.

Previously ‘The Family Deli’, Specials on C is located on the NorthWest corner of Avenue C and 12th Street in Alphabet City. Totaling roughly 700 square feet, we believe in providing space to those who are transitional, experimental, and inspirational.

So far, we've helped...


Since taking over the space in October 2013, GothamSmith and friends have remodeled, repaired, and cleaned up years of grease and grime to breathe new life into the space. Great care has been taken to preserve the style of bodega's past while creating a space for free expression for the future.


Interested in renting the deli?

Every event starts with a conversation. Please contact us so that we may show you the space and learn more about what you would like to do. Feel free to view our floor plan or storefront listing for more details about the space. We will help in whatever way we can to help you express yourself.